Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Pion Design - Sweet Memories

Hello Everyone!

I sure do love to mix and match my Pion Design collections, so today I am sharing a Mother's Day card featuring papers from "My Dearest Sofia" and "Where the Roses Grow". Doesn't this beautiful image bring back such wonderful memories! 

Pion products:

My Dearest Sofia - With All My Love PD8801
My Dearest Sofia - Lovely Things PD8802
My Dearest Sofia - Loving PD8808
My Dearest Sofia - Images from the Past PD1626
Where the Roses Grow - Roses in Bloom PD8204
Where the Roses Grow - Time to Smell the Roses PD8210

Still sharing some older photos. This shot is how the lake looked before the first snow fall, but it looks pretty much the same now. The ice has melted and the birds are slowly coming back.

One of my favourite things about where I live are the sounds of the birds on the lake. This time of year the Seagulls congregate on the lake and the sound is most amazing!

A male Sparrow...

A female Downy Woodpecker. Somebody inquired about the size of these birds. Yes, they are very small, almost as small as a Sparrow. Much smaller than their cousins the Hairy Woodpecker.

Petie is doing very well, although I haven't seen much of him since the snow melted. Out and about enjoying the world I guess. lol

To my absolute delight, I saw Princess Tabitha in the park this week. She doesn't look like this anymore, looks like she's had her own run-in with that nasty hawk, but she's alive and I'm so happy!

Delilah doesn't visit very often, but I was tickled on her last visit to see without any new scars or injuries. Stay safe little one!!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Feeling Blue

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing this celebrate card that could be used for many of occasions. I love these rich blues for a feminine card, I really must purchase some more collections that have this colour in it!

The doily is cut using a Prima doily die, the tulips are from Wild Orchid Crafts, the sentiment is from a Tim Holtz sticker book, the filigree piece was bronze and I embossed it white, the flowers are hand made, everything else is from my stash.

I made a comment on my last post about not using my camera for a while. I apologize that I made it sound like I was ill. My health is fine and I thank everyone who sent wishes to me with regards to that. My camera issues are from a broken heart, the loss of so many of the faces you would recognize from the last couple of years. The hawks have wiped out most of my patio visitors, so I'm just taking a break.

Some photos taken earlier this winter...

A sign of the changing of the seasons... saw my first Blackbird this week
(photo from last year).

is doing great although he doesn't visit as often in the winter time.

~Baby Charlie~
is alive and well, and is all grown up. He's one of my only daily visitors left.

is moulting at the moment so he looks ridiculous, but he seems very healthy.

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Have a Peach of a Day

Hello Everyone!

Today I have created an elegant birthday card in peach and gold. I've been searching for a paper collection that has some nice soft vintage peach designs, but I haven't had any luck. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. For now, I just used some neutral pages from Prima and decorated with peach and gold floral tulle and peach flowers.

The gold threading in this tulle is very subtle but so gorgeous, I do hope you can see the detail in the leaves and flowers. The frame is from Scrapiniec, the roses are from Wild Orchid Crafts and everything else is from my new stash of goodies.

I haven't picked up my camera in a while and I don't know when I will, so for today I will just share a photograph of my very best bud Crazy Karen. I love you girl, please stay safe!